My Steps in Creating A Sign For You

Typically I meet with the client to discuss their ideas and what they want to convey with the sign.
We discuss wording, colours, and style preferences, logo inclusion and graphics.
I look at the intended location of the sign to assess visual impact.

A deposit confirms our agreement and I proceed with making the sign.

Back in my studio I work up several designs, determine the materials, installation and time needed, and cost out the sign.
We meet again to discuss and tweak the ideas.

Hand Painted and Hand Lettered Signs

Today there is a resurgence and interest in the art of hand-painted signs.

A hand-lettered sign is a work of art when it is:

  • a design collaboration between the client and the sign artist
  • a visual statement that reflects your goals and aspirations
  • a unique, one-off creation
  • a collection of beautiful, flowing brush strokes
  • created using highly-pigmented sign enamels and professional sign surfaces

Vinyl Banners, Vinyl Signs and Window Decorations

Vinyl lettering lends itself to:

  • window logos and designs
  • temporary wall lettering (art exhibitions)
  • banners for events

Applying window lettering.